Cramp Reasons At The Ankle

Under normal conditions, muscles contract first, and then slackens. This stiuation allows skin and skeleton to move. And when the muscles contract but can’t slacken and stay in contrated position for a short time, it is called as cramp, and Tetany in medical literature. According to these scientific explanations, we can see that cramp at the ankle is impossible. But it has been observed that, ankles become tough in some situations and loose the movement functions. Now, let’s examine the reasons of cramp at the ankles;


Incapacity of Ankle Movement Situation

Ankles are totally articulation points at the humans and forms various indentations and eminentias at these points. But regarding the ankles, cramp should be the first thing coming to the mind when corrosion due to movement is considered. In order to prevent the mentioned corrotion, whole articulation points on the body oiled by the fluids in the body. But the quality of these fluids could decrease in time from childhood to old ages. Descent of the quality means; deterioration of articulation frame, disabled movement muscles because of cramps and causation of similar problems.


Reasons Of Cramp Formation At The Ankle

There is no certain information based on scientific explanation. Therefore, the reasons of cramp couldn’t be determined till now. But there are some situations possibly the causation of cramps. The reasons mentioned below are the first ones comming to the mind;

  • Hard and intense exercises which cause too much fluid and electrolyte loss with respiration and swelter may consider as the reason of cramp.
  • Likewise, usage of diureticals may cause cramps. But if the lost electrolyte and fluid compensated with food and fluid, there wouldn’t be a cramp.
  • Magnesium and calcium deficiency or low existence in the body may increase sensitivity of muscles fibres and nerve endings which may trigger cramp.
  • Constant Vomit, diuretic, diarrhea, malnutrition and   hemodialysis may cause a decrease at the serum levels of electrolytes.
  • Vitamin D deficiency which spolis the calcium occlusion may trigger cramp.
  • Deficiency of vitamin B1, B5 and B6 trigger cramp even the exact reaons is not known.
  • Circulatory disorder,alcoloh abuse and discomforts such as diabetes are generally considered as the reason of cramps.


Cramp Reasons At The Ankle

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