Hand and Foot Burning

Burning sensation in hands and feet is a disorder generally seen at adults. Hand and foot burning, generally  as a temporal situation, may require  a consultation to a doctor in situation of time extension.  Temporal foot and burning sensation stems mostly from chemical consumption. Besides, it’s an often situation at people who contend with running sports. But if you’re not interested  in neither running nor chemicals, at this point you need to consider another problem which triggers burnings.  These disorders which seen both in hands and feet, are generally more apparent in the feet. The burning sensation is especially high on heels. 
Reasons of Hand And Foot Burning
  • Sensory perip-heral neuropathy; This problem generally ocur because of the damage on some nerves which carry messages from feet and hands to brain. Alcohol usage, diabetes and yitamin B12 deficiency may trigger this disorder. Hand and foor burning could be seen on people who has all of these 3 problems.
  • Burning sensation may also occur at the women who entered the menopause .


Advices For Hand and Foot Burning

With the techniques that we will explain now, you can decrease the intensity of burning and increase your comfort.  Wearing nylon socks, ventilation of feet, not wearing shoes for a long time, nor standing for a long time, keeping away from salty and bitter foods and taking a warm shower at burning time are the  primary applications need to be done. Besides, keeping feet in  warm water for 1-2 minutes before sleeping will provide benefit. After doing this, go to your bed without drying your feet and feel the comfort.


Herbal Solutions For Hand And Foot Burning

First of all, eating one tea cup of yoghurt before sleep will provide you a huge benefit. Except this, boil 4 cabbage leaves in a half-liter water and drink this water just before or after the meal every morning and evening. This process lasts for 21 days and you need to keep it for 3 days and then have a break for other 3 days.  Besides, if you have hand anb foot burning, putting  some lemon juice on burning regions will be enough.  Finally, putting tutsan oil on your feet and hands properly just like massage, will extinguish the burning widely. 

Hand and Foot Burning

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