Reasons and Treatments Of Sexual Organ Acnes

Genital Acne, also called as hidradenitis suppurativa, is an illness due to blockage of apocrine glands around groin region. These glands blocked by  hyperhidrosis and heat and causes bacteria, scurf and oil accumulation which form acnes.Now, let’s see how to prevent sexual organ acnes and their reasons all together;

Reasons Of Genital Acnes

One of the biggest reasons of genital acnes is hyperhidrosis. The narrow wearings that people prefer in over heated weather, sweeps to skin and make the acnes here more worse. Except this, some exercises also cause the accumulation of scurf, bacteria and moisture at this region. These accumulated factors become acnes in time. Besides, solid detergents and various bath soaps also trigger acnes and pimples on the genital region.

How to prevent genital acne?

  • Prefer light and loose wearings in order to prevent sudation and oil formation on this region.

  • Care to wear only cotton-made products

  • Beware the usage of solid detergents while cleaning your wearings. If necessary, read the instructions on detergents and your washing machine again and again.

  • Take care not to use soaps which are harsh and hurt your skin. Instead, prefer natural sopas which have moisturizer property.

  • Do not let the hairs on the genital region get taller too much and clean regulary et least every 40 days with a razor.


How  Genital Acne Treatment Is Done?

The first rule in solving the genital acne problem is, keeping the region clean and prevent the bacteria formation at high-level. Fort this, genital region needs to be kept definitely dry. Because bacterias prefer the mositured regions more than the other and increase in numbers faster in moistured regions. Therefore, gorin region needs to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent dead cell formation.  Besides, you can use cleaners which are sold in pharmacies and have antibacterial cleaning effect. When you see that you can’t get rid of the acnes by your ways, you can consult to a doctor ,have a suitable cream for your skin and use it.

Reasons and Treatments Of Sexual Organ Acnes

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