Stains and Spots on the Eyeball

Spots and stains on the eyeball are formations which forms on white part of the eye and could be sign of disease. They could be in different colours according to their formation reason.  


Generally, these stains forms because of some simple events. For example, sneezing robustly may cause a damage  and laceration on some capillaries. And this may become stains on veins.But sometimes, these stains could be the sign of very serious diseases. Cancer and some diseases which causes blindness are the leading ones.






However this problem is considered as harmless and did not cause any indications, may induce some symptoms according to underlying cause of disease. As an example, it could be realized by flix, bleeding, light sensitivity, pain, blepharitis (inflammation on eyelid),  vision loss, itch, vision changes, slippery objects, bleary eyes or seeing some blinking lights.   


These stains are formed due to ranging from small damages to cancer. In situation of stain and spot formation on the eyeball, this has reasons related with cancer and independently of cancer.

Eye spot reasons indepently of cancer; these spots never cause permanent damage and scars. Generally they disappear by themselves or do not give any harm even they don’t disappear.

Little francolins and similar frames (Axenfeld nerve loob)

Horner-Trantas noktalar yani uzun süreli bazı göz alerjilerinin sebep olduğu gözdeki renkli bölümün kenarlarına yakın çok küçük beyaz ya da sarı renkli noktalar

Horner-Trantas spots, which means very little white or yellow colored spots close to colourful part of the eye caused by some long-term eye allergies.

Lekeler, benler ve gözün üstünde çillere benzeyen kahverengindeki noktalar (Nevüs)

Stains, moles and Brown spots on the eye such sun spots. (Nevus)

Little, pink or yellowish, good natured extensions on the moist cover part of the eye which considered as a bump and formed on the surface of eye. (Pinguekuala)

White extensions dependent from cancer on the lining of eye very close to cornea. (Pterjiyum)

Generally Brown, irregular and shaped patches (melanozis based on race)

Scleral Thinnings

Gray patches in 3 o’clock direction (senil calsinozis)

Bleeding on white part of the eye (subconjuctival bleeding)

In more serious way, corne ulcer, the cancer types such as conjunctive melanom, conjuctival squamos, carcinoma, uvelit which forms only in one eye, iritis as the infallamation type in the eye-frame and precancerous patches ( patches such white-gray scale) which happens because of the damage of sun light may cause stains and spots on the eyeball.

As it is seen, there are various reaons of stain and spot formation on the eyeball. Therefore, a direct treatment is not possible. The most logical way in this situation is, to consult to an expert doctor. The doctor who diagnose, will give you the most suitable medicine and your treatment process will start.


Stains and Spots on the Eyeball

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