Vision Faults

Vision faults may be transferred by genetics, endows with or happens later. These vision faults make for eye not to do its duty properly. While some of vision faults could be treated, some couldn’t be found with the current technology of today. Now, we wil examine these vision faults :




The patients which have colour blindness generally can’t distinguish green and red from each other.

Can’t be cured yet, with the conditions of today.


The muscles which are in the eye and enable movement, work incompatible with each other and as a result, cross eye happens.

It happens congenital substantially, however, may also happen later.

Treatment is possible with operative surgery


Differently form colour blind patients, these ones can’t see or see in black-white. The genes related with this illness can be seen at the regions where x and y chromosomes are homolog.



Myopic patients don’t have a problem with close vision but have problem with longsightedness

Could be fixed by using concave lens (glasses)

Vision is formed in front of the yellow spot in the eye.


Farsighted patients see the long distance easily but have problem with close vision.

Could be fixed by using convex lens (glasses)

Vision is formed behind the yellow spot in the eye.


Happens due to asperity on crystalline lens and curve shape of cornea layer.

Because of this deformation on cornea, light transmittance happens in irregular way and reaches to retina layer discursively

There is no close or far difference. Everywhere is seen hazy and blurred.

Can be fixed with cylindrical lens


Shows up with old ages.

Oculars loose their flexiblity and become rigid at old people. Rigid oculars can’t see the objects at different ranges.

This fault can’t be much detected in the beginning.  Especially people who realize themselves keeping a book away in order to read more easy, can detect the illness.

Tried to be fixed by convex lens.


There is ocular right behind the pupil  that provides seeing. This ocular becomes dull by losing its transparency. And this loos of gloos called as cataract.

Person feels like looking to the outer world just like behind a glass or mirror.

There is no method to stop the progress of cataract. The only treatment way is surgical operation.

Caratact is seen generally at people who are above middle ages.

It’s possible to be seen at newborn babies and patients with diabetes.

Vision Faults

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